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Upside Down is the story of Sam, a little boy whose father lives with a mental health problem. Using language that’s accessible to children, Sam discusses mental health and mental health disorders, as well as ways to help him get through the tougher times.


Text by Audrey-Anne Frenette



This guide has been designed to better support and accompany young people aged 12 to 17 who have a loved one living with a mental health problem. Among other things, the guide includes information on mental health, the development of a mental health disorder, the common emotions experienced by these young people, and various ways to care for them and help them develop resilience.


Text by Audrey-Anne Frenette et Victoria Parmentier


Introspection cards for 12+ year-olds

« Because talking about it, means moving forward »

A 90-question game to help you think about and discuss mental health issues.

« There’s no precise way to play this card game. In fact, you can play solo or with a group. You can choose the order of the cards to be drawn, and decide whether you’re the only person to answer the question, or whether everyone takes turns… It’s a game that adapts easily to those who take part, so let your imagination run wild! »


Card categories included: Trivia, Emotions, Heart to Heart, Situations + 10 free question cards


Creation and conception by Victoria Parmentier, Audrey-Anne Frenette, Juliette Dufresne et Maude Gélinas


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